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Sb Game Hacker Apk is a modifying hacked tool for any android. This is a very simple and strongest Game Modifier Tool. It is a very handy and convenient tool specially designed to hack or modify any of your game play on your android smartphone or tablet. SB Game Hacker is the easiest tool than any other game hacking tool. There are other popular hacking tools for android but Sb Game Hacker is the most powerful, trusted and modifying app for your android app. It is a fast and reliable App that needs little knowledge to use it on android. This App can be used with great user experience in easy steps on any android smartphone & tablet. It supports large number of games and applications to hack them easily. This tool will help you to get unlimited money, points, bonuses, gold, lives and much mores.


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What is Game Hacker Apk

This is a simple android APK file made by SBman from Chine that could be used on android to hack unlimited games like Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, Candy Crush and many other applications. It will hack an application or game to get unlimited points, lives, blood, coins during game play. By using this app You can go to the desire stage of any game you wish to complete it. It is ads free which means it would not show any ads on game play.

Note: Due to its hacking popularity as well as other violating issue Game Hacker Apk is removed from Google’s Play Store. However we have the official APK file and will let you share to download it in free of cost from the below link.

Sb Game Hacker APK Android App Features

Before you using game hacker apk you should must familiar with all its features. Indeed this APK has extremely valuable and interesting features. Let us discuss the following features in detail.

  • Rooted Android Devices: Sb Game Hacker Apk is working only on rooted devices. Your device should must rooted before using this app. Rooted means ( unlocking the operating system so you can install unapproved apps ).
  • Perfect Search Option: what does it mean ? This mean that if a player or user needs coins, money or blood during game play then the player can type the number and it will be automatically credited to the account. This will help the player to complete the game stage without seeing any game over.
  • Fuzzy Search Option: This one is another splendid feature of game hacker. When you are not sure about the exact value, then you can use the fuzzy search option which indicates the value that is relevant to your search argument and assign to it.
  • Floating Point Search Option: In simple words, this is a decimal search and can be used if the game data or value is not integer ( value between 0 – 4294967295). In this situation you cannot do fuzzy search.
  • Data Filtering Option: This option can be used to determine the size of the data range and improve efficiency.
  • Size App: The most important feature we see in this app is its file size. This is a very small – Approximately 980 Kilo Bytes file.
  • Supported Languages: It supports English, Chinese and also Traditional Chinese.

How to Install Sb Game Hacker Apk on Android

First of all you need to download the APK file from the download button above. When you download the APK file to your device or Pc then it is probably become easier to install it now on your device.

These certain steps would help to easily install the APK file on your mobile. Remember the key points before you install it on your android mobile.

  • The very first step to do is to change the security option to “Unknown Sources”. Simply go to the Security Setting >> and Turn on “Unknown Sources”. Thats you done.
  • This will take few minutes to complete the installation.
  • After completing the installation. When you open the tool for the first time, you will see that the tool is in Japanese language. However as soon you accept the license, the language will be changed to English to use it properly.

How to Use Sb Game Hacker App

Here is mentioned all the basic steps to use this app properly on android device. Follow the below ethical steps to use the app quickly.

  1. Go to menu >> Launch or Click the Game Hacker Icon to start the application.
  2. When application is opened. From main menu Select “Hack Android Game” if you are on android device.
  3. From main menu select “Hack IOS game” only when you are on IOS device. If you are using android then there is no need of selecting this option.
  4. Now this will take few seconds to scan all the installed games on your android mobile.
  5. Finish this process. you will see a new window with a list of all games installed on your device.
  6. Now select your desire game you want to hack it.
  7. Now just select the hack module & hit activate.
  8. Now click the start button to open the hacked version of the desire game.
  9. You done almost.

Game Hacker APK for iOS (iPhone or iPad)

Game Hacker APK is not limited to Android users only, But know you can also use it on your IOS based device. It means you can modify the game code or get unlimited score and coins on IOS using either Iphone or Ipad. One of the excellent tool known for “GBA4IOS” Emulator interface, could help you to execute the SB Game Hacker APK on your IOS device.

Sb Game Hacker Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1: sb game hacker apk is a free or paid App ?

No it’s all most free app. This app is totally free, You can download it free and use it without paying a single penny.

2: Does Sb Game Hacker APK work on both Rooted and non-rooted devices ?

No, This app will work only on rooted devices which needs the root access configured by rooted devices. It modify the games files only when the device is completely rooted. Since it would not work without rooted the device. This app will not work on non-rooted devices.

3: Does Sb Game Hack other android Apps ?

No, This app is solely designed for games modification to hack them play on android. The app is not working on other apps. So, you can hack bunch of android games through this app.

4: Game Hacker does not work, What should i do next ?

First of all check whether your device is rooted or not. In many cases user forgot to root the device and run the sb game hacker which will not work without rooting. You are the responsible to root it by downloading rooted apps and install it successfully. This would work perfect.

5: How many games can i hack with game hacker ?

You can check different games by installing this app. Game hacker has not yet declared the official list of supported games. However, some major games could be hacked easily included, clash of clans, 8 ball pool, hay day, pokemon go, candy crush, kahoot hack, Subway surfers, minecraft, teen patti, tumple run and rummy.

6: What is the best Alternative to sb game hacker ?

Some new hacking app are released recently which work same as game hacker. These are some popular apps: Freedom apk, Lucky patcher, Gree hack, Game killer, Leo playCard, App sara, kahoot hack and Xmodes.

7: what is sb game hacker jailbreaking ?

Jailbreaking allows you to use software that Apple doesn’t authorize it. Only iOS users might consider jailbreaking their iPhone. While Android users consider rooting their phones, So jailbreadking is basically rooting the device.