Pname com Svox Langpack Installer

In this article we will talk about It is a simple android/desktop application package. It can be used to to convert human language text into text form. So you can called it as modern speech synthesizer application.

in simple words, Speech synthesis is the application where as is its application package.

Speech Synthesis Invention

Homer Dudley’s was the first scientist from Bell laboratory considered the first fully functional voice synthesizer. The device which is used in speech synthesis is called a speech synthesizer or speech computer. To determine the human voice, the quality of speech device is judged by its similarity to the human voice. The speech synthesized is commonly generated with the help of concatenating piece of recorded speech.

What is Text To Speech [ TTS ]

TTs is an abject program which convert normal language to text into speech. A TTS is a type of system or a program that converts normal language text into speech.

When it comes to Android then we could say, you can use the same program in your android that convert text to speech and this system is often compose of two parts :

pname com svox langpack installer : Front-end

A front end is consist of tow major tasks. It help to change the raw text into the equivalent of written-out words. So, this process is normally called text normalization.

pname com svox langpack installer : Back-end process

The back end  refer’s to as the synthesizer which will then converts the symbolic representation into sound.

The application ha so many features, like you can easily convert your text into many other languages like, English, Hindi, Italian etc. The only thing you needs to enter your text in it only one time. Once you enter your desire text you can use it again and again in different languages by using this modern speech synthesizer app.

I hope you have fair knowledge about, and would love to hear about it from you in comment section. Cheers!
Pname com Svox Langpack Installer
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