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Mobile devices represent the most commonly used internet traffic platform for a while now. We use our smartphones for almost any task that we could perform on desktop devices. Anything from making Skype calls, to playing video games, adapting new skills, paying our bills, streaming all sorts of
content on various platforms. However, the most disturbing issue concerning mobile devices is that most devices operate using a limited storage room that gets smaller with every new update.

multi apk manager

Furthermore, nowadays even the mid-range mobile phones pack powerful cameras that we are happy to use more than we really need to, which also puts extra weight on our Android phone’s constrained storage capacity.
Cleaning up the storage space is a daunting task, especially if there are too many apps that we need to get rid of, so a group of very smart people at JNext Development decided to create an app that
makes managing our installed apps seamless.

Multi APK Manager
This android app is free to download and use, and it allows you a seamless app management experience through a user-friendly interface that’s built with special attention towards less experienced Android users and people who generally can’t find their way around Android OS that easy. Multi APK Manager is compatible with all Android devices that run 4.0.3 version of the operating system. If you got your device in the last couple of years, the chances are you’re able to download and use the latest version of this amazing app.

Multi APK Manager doesn’t take too much of your storage room, it requires 6.6MB of your phone’s or tablet’s internal memory which is a small price to pay once you take a look at all of the amazing
features this piece of software has to offer.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the most useful features that Multi APK Manager has in store for us for now:

Remove System apps
No matter if you bought your phone through a mobile carrier or you went directly to the store and got your Android friend from the manufacturer, you’ve probably noticed that there is a series of pre-installed apps, which some people like to call System apps, which you just can’t uninstall. The online environment is loaded with content that teaches you how to disable those apps, which can save you some disk space, but that still doesn’t fix your problem.

Multi APK Manager allows you to uninstall even those “impossible to remove” apps from your device instead of simply disabling them. The user interface allows you to seamlessly choose the System apps
you don’t want on your phone and get rid of them just like that. These apps are also called “bloatware” which might sound ominous but it’s just a technical term that many online essay writing service content creators like to use for apps that occupy your storage space needlessly.

Move apps to SD card
Even though the internal memory is often excruciatingly limited, except on expensive flagship models, most Android devices allow memory expansion with the use of SD memory cards. With Multi APK Manager you can move all of your apps from the device storage to SD card almost instantly. This would give your phone more breathing space and improve the performance by a great deal.

Batch app uninstall and install
Getting rid of multiple apps used to be a real drag because you had to pick the apps one by one and remove them one at the time. With Multi APK Manager you can simply select all of the apps you want to have removed from your phone and watch the entire selection disappearing from your
phone almost instantly. It’s a real time saver when you have to get rid of multiple devices and you don’t want to spend the entire afternoon going back and forth through the menu. The same goes with installing multiple APK files that you can’t find on Google Play.

Multi APK manager allows you to select each APK file separately and install the entire batch at once. It’s as if you take all of your homework and send it to or some similar online service to deal with it while you spend your newly obtained time doing something you actually enjoy.

Backup and sharing
Finally, Multi APK Manager allows you to backup all your data at once and save the backup on SD
card in case you ever need it. Moreover, you can share any APK file that the Manager detects on your
phone via the internet which facilitates distribution of APK files between you and your friends.

After reviewing all of the amazing features that Multi APK Manager provides to its users, it feels like this piece of software renders completely useless most of the Android system features. You have full control over your storage space, you can manipulate apps and APK files without any issues, and you do it all through a user-friendly, easy to navigate user interface.