Monster Trucks Racing APK Download for Android

Moster Trucks Racing APK

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Here you are with the most exciting racing game ever. A game specifically attributed to those who are looking for a ride with ultimate driving, racing experience alongside action and fun. The idea is derived from the movie of the same name by Paramount Pictures.

The game has new styles of cars and racing by Reliance Big Entertainment. The racer got greater opportunities to become a monster truck champion by using trucks on tracks having Gravity defying Adrenalin science and more

Features of Monster Trucks Racing Apk game Latest version

  • Best graphics is another advantage of this game over its competitors, 3d views and intense graphics take this game to a whole new lovable end.
  • Compete your friends online and prove yourself as the ultimate champion of monster trucker.
  • Modification and Upgrade-ability of trucks, e.g. Pace, Shock Absorption, grip and resilience to match up with the harsh tracks.
  • Free of cost availability make this game more accessible, also some features of the game could be acquired through real money, make more room for those who love to upgrade their trucks.
  • Offers large trucks l including Ace High, Goliath, El Diablo predator and Rampage among many others.
  • Its 360 degree display enhance gaming experience and maximize the excitement for the game.
  • Designed for all smart phones and tablets with all the sized.

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Category: Racing


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Platform: Android


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Support Android Version: Android 17 and above.


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Developer: Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited


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