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Welcome to Kahoot Smasher world. Here you will read in depth all about Kahoot Smasher tool.

What is Kahoot Smasher ?

Kahoot Smasher is a sophisticated tool specially designed for kahoot lovers who who want to explore the kahoot platform with different techniques. In simple words we can say, With Kahoot Smasher, you can prank your Teachers by generating auto answers of the quiz. This tool will automatically add curtains bots to the internal database of kahoot. It will generate as many bots as you want. So, kahoot smasher is specially used by students to hack or cheats kahoot platform.

How to Hack Kahoot using Kahoot Smasher App ?

Remember: The purpose of kahoot smasher is only used for hacking kahoot platform. This handly tool is available in market for desktop users, for chrome browser as extension and our online kahoot smash web tool.

Lets begin and start using Kahoot Smasher step by step

Note: There are Three ways to use kahoot Smasher

1: Kahoot Smasher Using Google Chrome Extension

Step 1: The first thing to do is to go to google chrome and open the official page of extension.

Step 2: Now, go to the Chrome Webstore page. You can visit the Chrome Web store by clicking at here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions

Step 3: You cloud see the Search option at the left side. Now enter the Kahoot Smasher and hit the Enter button.

Step 4: It will fetch kahoot smasher extension main page along with information. 

Step 5: Now click Add to Chrome button as you see above in corner. Click that button.

Step 6: The browser will check for the compatibility and then, the extension will be downloaded. You could see successful message when it is installed successfully on the Chrome browser.

Step 7: Now, click on to the extension icon from the upper right corner and select the Smash it option.

Step 8: A new webpage will be presented to you asking for a PIN of the game which you want to Smash with bots.

Step 9: Copy pin from Kahoot Hack page.

Step 9: Once you enter the PIN of the game, Click the Enter button.

Step 10: You will see the amazing result that your kahoot has created auto results.

2: Hack Kahoot Using Kahoot Smasher APK + Ios App

Setp 1: The first thing to do is to download kahoot smasher from here.

Step 2: Once the Apk has been downloaded, Install it on your phone.

Step 3: Now open the Kahoot Smasher app on your phone.

Step 4: Now Select your User-ID it can by copy from here.

Step 5: Enter the copied user-id in kahoot smasher and press generate.

Step 6: As you press generate it will show auto answer for your teachers.

Note: Kahoot Smasher Apk is free but it does work only when the original Kahoot app is downloaded. It is the simple way either you use android or Ios both is compatible with it.

What if non of above method work for you ? Do not be hopeless, here we have a handy online smashing tool that would work 100% to spam kahoot instantly.

3: Hack Kahoot Using Kahoot Smasher Online Tool

The is the foremost way to cheats your kahoot. Our team has developed a handy tool that spam kahoot in seconds. It does not required any registration just follow the instructions.