GPad Remote Touchpad keyboard APK Download for Android

Gpad Remoate Touchpad Keyboard Apk

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This Apk from sb game hacker apk tool kit

Tired up of the range and battery backup issues of Bluetooth mouse and keyboard? Here you go with this app called gPad need nothing but a smartphone and laptop to be installed on, and you’ve your remote touchpad and or keyboard, configurable remote for your computer. It offers threesome ways to access and control your PC via Wi-Fi, USB cable, and Bluetooth.

Install gPad server to your laptop and gPad client to your smartphone, and install it. You will find yourself with remote having range of as much as your Wi-Fi router allows… possibly from the corner of your alley if you have the insight to watch your screen with a third eye.

Another feature of the app is that it doesn’t demand a Wi-Fi switch to or console to connect to, one could easily made the connection through installing a third party application called Wi-Fi hotspot or so.

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How to Use it properly:

  • Download and install gPad server on your PC, do the same with it’s other counterpart namely gPad client on your smartphone.
  • Run the app on both machines, in your smartphone enter the IP-address of your computer, and click search (you have to make sure that either both the consoles are connected to the same Wi-Fi router, or your smartphone is connected to the laptop through Wi-Fi hotspot; in case if you are out there somewhere and have no router at all…).
  • Select the IP-address of your computer and then click touchpad, here you go… You’ve got yourself a touchpad and keyboard with much broader range…Enjoy

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Category: Tools


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Platform: Android


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Support Android Version: Android 17 and above.


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Developer: MOBiSTERS


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