Dream Car Racing Evo Unblocked

Dream Car Racing EVO

  • Version: 1.2
Welcome to Dream Car Racing EVO Unblocked Game. It is one of the best motorbike newest racing game. It is play online without any registration. In Dream Racing EVO you can built your own dream car/vehicle and then you can go for race. You must have to design your car properly by completing all the parts else your vehicle will not race properly.
How to Play Dream Car Racing EVO game ?
It is a free fun racing game by completing different racing stages. You can play the game by following the below instructions
  1.  Click on Adobe Flash and allow popup to run game:
  2. Click on play game:
  3. Design your vehicle by completing all parts:
  4. Start on play:
  5. Use Arrow keys to run the motorbike.

Remember: Be careful! when playing the game, The track in this game is a real challenge and difficult to race. On continues racing the vehicle can be fall due to burn fuel. You must have to keep the balance of racing. You can upgrade to pro by collecting lot of golds.